Leading Countries in the Industry

Germany is one of the leading countries in the fashion industry, along with France, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan and China. German fashion is famed for its elegant lines, unconventional young designs, and the great variety of styles.

Berlin is the center of young and creative fashion in Germany, prominently displayed at Berlin Fashion Week. Düsseldorf is an important fashion trade center with Igedo. Other important centers of the scene are Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. Smaller places are also important design and production hubs of the German fashion industry, such as Herford, Metzingen, Herzogenaurach, Schorndorf, Chemnitz, Albstadt and Detmold.

German fashion is globally popular as ready-to-wear and custom-made creations, with the general public, as well as special haute couture creations in celebrity circles and for high fashion models.

In around 1,300 companies with more than 130,000 employees, a revenue of 28 billion Euro is generated by the German textile industry. Almost 44 percent of the products are exported. The textile branch thus is the second largest producer of consumer goods in Germany, after food production.

Fashion education in Germany is centered around art schools, universities and the major fashion manufacturers. In addition, private colleges like the renowned ESMOD school with branches in Berlin and Munich play an important role for the development of young talents

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